About Us

The transition from the Soviet Union to the Russian Federation also increased the number of Swiss citizens and Swiss businesses who live and work in Russia although we are still fewer than we were during tsarist times.

Founded in 1994, initially by business people as an instrument to represent common business interests and mutual support, the Swiss Club Russia focuses today on social events for the Swiss community mainly in Moscow and Olten.

Swiss Clubs like ours traditionally exist in many countries of the world, but Russia differs in not having a traditional community well-established for several generations. For most of our members and friends Switzerland is not the country of their forefathers, but a place which they visit frequently for business and leisure.

Our Club is very young and has a strongly fluctuating membership, with many people departing and frequent new arrivals. The more reason for us to remain open: most of our events can be attended by any persons with strong ties to Switzerland – Swiss nationals, their spouses and partners as well as people of other nationalities employed by Swiss companies or doing business in Switzerland.

Our main annual event is the celebration of the Swiss national holiday on 1 August, which we have organized for the past 20 years with the support and cooperation of the Embassy of Switzerland, an event which gathers between one and two hundred people each year.